Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Kinda Vintage Do You Wear?

Yesterday afternoon I went to Houston again to sell the rest of my clothes at Buffalo Exchange .... I made $85.00 Woo Hoo so after that I ran across the street to Leopard Lounge and bought 4 dresses and a rad romper. Last week I went to Goodwill and found some cool things too!! Sorry I have not been posting a lot of vintage blogs I have just been CRAZY tied up in other things at the moment!! It was a beautiful day outside so I had my windows rolled down and was jamming to Julian Casablancas... I want to Marry this guy!!!
Leopard Lounge has TONS of vintage dresses and I could spend all day in this store :)

I found this green dress for only $5.00 it will look amazing with my green eyes and red hair!!

That dress reminds me of the Tom Ford dress that Julianne Moore wore :)

I love this dress too $10.00

OK this is my FAVE and it cost $12.00

both of these dresses remind me of Stevie Nicks... I ADORE her look!!

This dress was an additional 75% off the sale price :)

It's like a carpet velvet material ... LOVE it!

and it's in style at this moment and it will look great with my new red hair

This Rad romper was $7.95 with an additional 75% off and it's sooo cute on!

I can't wait to wear this tomorrow to the art museum :)

I love this romper from Alexandra Grecco ...and it reminds me of the one I just found :)

I found this amazing 1980's denim puff sleeve jacket at Goodwill in Clear Lake for $4.00 and I am gonna wear it with my vintage romper tomorrow!

I also found this amazing disco clutch purse at Goodwill for $2.99 :))))

Reminds me of David Bowie and Glam Rock!!!
So I have found some GREAT stuff and at the same time I had to sacrifice some old amazing clothes to buy new vintage pieces .... JAR!!

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