Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday afternoon Vintage shopping!

So far today has turned out cool I have not had time to go thrift shopping because I have had a on going migraine so.... Today after eating Thai food I managed to stop by my favorite thrift store and I found a couple of things! I found this heart necklace for $5.00
and yesterday my mom bought me this gold chain necklace with a "J" on it :) I LOVE my mom sooooo much!!
I also bought Keanu a cool tye dye shirt for .99 cents

They had more fun stuff but I am broke :(
I might go back tomorrow!!

I NEED this painting for Keanu he LOVES cats but they want $29.99 for it ... so sad :(

My Thai food was Delicious ....... now it's time to go pick my little best friend up!!!! JAR

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