Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Heart Owls

I finally organized my closet yesterday and got rid of half my shoes and clothes :) I am so proud of myself but what I realized as I was going through my stuff is I am a crazy owl lady!!! Every time I go thrift shopping I hunt for ANYTHING Owl related... I wanted to show some of the pieces I have and it's not even all of it!
This is my FAVE it's a coffee cup and I used it in one of my recent paintings!

my Owl coasters :)

They are too cool!

My Owl flower pot

My Owl bank from Urban Outfitters

My Owl tea light candle holder from 1978.... some one made it in school way back then!

Another Owl tea light candle holder

and my other FAVE an old Japanese Owl tea pot!!
Well I hope you enjoyed my owls next time I will blog about my Owl jewelry...I have ALOT of it!

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