Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Things

I just wanted to share a quick blog today about the things I am currently reading. I also wanted to share a few of my new oddities.

My wet specimens of octopus 

My vintage Butterfly in lucite from the early 1970's

My real cat skeleton 

My new bell jar I made with my real butterflies and my muskrat skull

I'm currently reading Naked Lunch  .... AMAZING!!!!

I just bought the new December issue of Juxtapoz today with one of my favorite artist on the cover
Mark Ryden :)

Tomorrow I will post a blog about my new favorite NARS lipstick I just bought Friday!

Good Night!


Why My Boyfriend is The Best

Today I came home to a surprise of Lilac roses and my two favorite French films on blu ray .... and to top it all off a bottle of Tom Fords new perfume! I think I have found the best person in the world :) Getting gifts just because is the BEST. The best gift though is just being able to hangout with him and his kisses!!!!

He bought me the new Tom Ford perfume Violet Blonde
and lilac roses wich are my FAVE :)

and he bought me my two favorite 1960 french movies on blu ray :)
Breathless and Vivre Sa Vie

I put my beautiful lilac roses in my vintage vase .... right by my animal skulls!
My room smells amazing!!!!!!



:)  JAR

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Little Tokyo

I love Japan and all their fun fashions and bright colorful things. I went through my room and found that I had lots of cool things that I wanted to share. From Hello Kitty to all my fashion books about what people are wearing in Japan on the streets. I threw in some of my 1960 vibe into it as well! I call this my little Tokyo!

My table filled with all my fun jewelry, buttons and Sanrio perfumes
Sunglasses vintage and vintage Avon animal perfume brooches from 1960's

Star Wars Storm Trooper ring from  Toy Joy in Austin ,TX

All my fashion books about Japan  :)

Hello Kitty lip gloss rings at Target
Sanrio watches at McDonald's in Happy Meals

Vintage 1980's charm necklace

Pink Head Gothic Kitty necklace and bracelet by Tarina Tarantino 

Sunglasses by Chanel

Lime Crime lipstick color in Countessa Fluorescent
Black liquid eyeliner from Sephora

Seahorses made by Keanu :)

1960's mod vintage tunic from
Nail polish black by Chanel

Eye color Caviar by Smash Box
Foundation is #1 pale ivory airbrush make-up by Kett Cosmetics

Thanks for looking :)


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mint to be Glam Rock

As a make-up artist you have to experiment on yourself with all kinds of make-up. I am trying to do more blogs about just being yourself and where I get my inspiration from. My inspiration is always from movies and music .... here is my love for glam rock and just the 1973-1983 era of fun. I hope you enjoy!

Lipstick color Mint To Be by LIME CRIME
Shirt vintage from early 1980's
Buttons from T Rex and Bowie
Vintage retro sunglasses from Buffalo Exchange
Black nail polish by Chanel
I LOVE YOU ring by Tarina Tarantino
Black eyeliner by SMASHBOX called Caviar
Blush by MAC called Fashion Frenzy


Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Lips Are Gray

I was searching through magazines and ran across this model wearing gray lipstick ..... so I had to bust my gray lipstick out and show you that it is wearable :)

The perfect way to get a great gray lip color is by mixing OCC LIP TARS in Feathered (white) and Tarred ( black) together.

Here I am just using Lime Crimes lipstick color in Chinchilla (gray light lilac) color.

Or you can use Lime Crimes lipstick color in Styletto (black) with a white make up pencil .... or any black lipstick color of choice!

I still feel like the best thing to do is order OCC black and white lip tars to get the best light gray without the lilac undertones.
I am ordering them this week :)

Try something new today!!!


5 Things You Don't Know About Me!

I wanted to share five things that a lot of people don't know about me! Some strange and some not!

1. I always wanted my name to be Wednesday from the Addams Family

2. My fantasy is to kiss a man that is wearing red lipstick and high heels.

3. When I was little I would tear my barbies heads off after crashing their barbie car and squirt red food coloring all over them. I was a disturbed little girl!

4. I like to sing Mariah Carey and Debbie Gibson songs in the shower

5. I once kissed a girl thinking she was a he ... when I was 12 years old!! It REALLY grossed me out!

Don't Judge Me :)


I'm about to read my new book by John Waters .... I am excited to read this!
I will Blog about it soon!
Good Night!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crazy Pictures of Me from Insomnia

The other night I COULD NOT GO TO SLEEP !!!! I had all this energy, so I just got on iPhoto and started taking crazy pictures of myself .... for no reason! I can't sleep tonight either so I made this nonsense blog! No one will even see or read this ..... :)

This is my "am I too skinny" pose 
I think I lost too much weight. WHO CARES! :)

Keanu's space helmet ... trying to get my big head into it!!

Why is this comb in my purse ... no for realz!!!

My what kinda crap is this pose .... or did I shave my armpits pose?!?

NERD glasses I wear to watch movies
You can see Keanu's foot in the back ground ... He can sleep! Why can't I?

I chew gum because I grind my teeth 


I chewed the entire pack

Scary Spice pose

Zoolander face

I have no clue!

My "Do I need a face lift?" pose


SAD FACE .... do i really look like this?

My get out my way Biatch pose

ugh .... this is my don't mess with me grumpy face in the mornings!

That's cool that's cool 


I just wanna go to sleep!!!!!
I hate Insomnia!!!