Saturday, March 27, 2010

Manic Art Week at My Casa

Last week was CRAZY at my house... all I have been doing is ART and more ART! I am getting ready for my Mr. Fox party next Saturday and managed to finish my peacock painting for my bathroom :) The only time I left the house last week was to go art supply shopping are to go grab a bite to eat. Yesterday I flew to Goodwill to vintage shop really fast then I ran to meet my brothers to eat hot wings... and that sounds really good to me at this moment, I am STARVED!I am working on these fox masks for my party :)
I made some cardboard masks for my photo booth for this party and I am still not finished :(

Every night I watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show and paint and draw and paint until I am delirious :/

Keanu joined me one night and painted his own cardboard piece for the party... I LOVE my KEANU :)

He is so talented

my peacock painting I finished today .. I need to frame it tomorrow

YUMMY I treated Keanu and I to Chipotle LOVE!!!!!

I have to have my green Tabasco sauce... YUM!!!

I really want to paint her.... I need to stop watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show

and I LOVE Magenta... she is too RAD!
Well Goodnight and next week I will blog about more stuff... I will be going Vintage shopping and to the Art Museum maybe even the Zoo ... SO BE IT! JAR

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