Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do red heads have more fun?

Today I joined the FIRE CROTCH team and dyed my hair red.... very vibrant red and it took 4 hrs to dye it the right color! I will miss being platinum blonde but I am ready for a change the last time my hair was red I was 18 yrs old...WOW! Keanu hates it but I needed a change! A lot of ladies inspired me and a few months ago I ran across a Tom Ford ad and there was Karen Elson with FIRE red hair and I wanted it... and now I have it... at last! Bye Bye blonde hair :(

Hello red hair :)))

Karen Elson is the bomb

So beautiful

This was the ad I had seen LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!

I also admire Melissa Auf Der Maur from the band HOLE

and of course Julianne Moore .... she looks so great in the movie A SINGLE MAN directed by Tom Ford

and the fantastic model Coco Rocha

but how can I forget Carrot Top...... so in the end people might call me Fire Crotch or Carrot Top but Who Cares ... Bug off!!

Lets see how long I can keep it red and not dye it Black!

Karen Elson has come out with a new video and song ... and for you who don't know she is married to Jack White of The White Stripes :)

Click on the link below to check out her music and new video!!!

Goodnight ... JAR!

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