Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wild Things Party

Last night I threw the best movie party EVER! Where The Wild Things Are.... we had so much fun and sooooo much YUMMY food thanks to myself and my older brother Billy! Thanks to everyone who came to our party.... let the wild rumpus start!
I made a Where the Wild Things Are Mud Cake and it was so Delicious

keanu and I made crowns
1) get paper crowns from Burger King
2) spray paint them Gold

we played the movie soundtrack as we were by the fire outside... it really felt as if we were in the woods and with THE WILD THINGS :)

I love the feeling of camp fire :)

Then we watched the movie and ate all the YUMMY food!

I made a photo booth to take pictures in...I also created and painted the mask's and boat

So much FUN!!!!!

Until the King of the wild things fell asleep

Great party ..... next party is for the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox ... so will you be attending my next movie party???? I hope so till then JAR

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