Thursday, April 1, 2010

Call me Mary Poppins... Do you collect Carpet Bags?

I have been collecting vintage carpet/tapestry bags for more than ten yrs now and I wanted to blog about it today! Every girl wanted to be Mary Poppins when they were little.... who didn't want to pull everything but the kitchen sink out of their bag? I know I did and till this day I carry everything in my bag!!! And every girl looks great sporting one :) My favorite look right now is AZTEC carpet bags
And of course the old Victorian Mary Poppins kinda tapestry bag

you have seen them all in the mags ... but how many do you own? well I own too many and here are some that I have as of now!

I found this one on ETSY ... this is my fave

This one I bought at a vintage store 5 yrs ago

This one was my grandma's from the late 1950's

This is another vintage store find

This is a Forever 21 bag but I adore it :)

This one has been with me for 20 yrs ... I bought it at Goodwill in 1990

This bag I carry a lot of the time and it's AZTEC :) I found this one for $5.00 at Buffalo Exchange last year

About 5 yrs ago when I was a district make-up artist one of my employees owned a vintage store and gave me this amazing bag from India

OK my best friend Christy bought this for me in 2001 from Urban Outfitters and I love it!!!

This bag is so HUGE I can fit Keanu in it.... I really can ... it's like a cool carpet beach bag!!

This one is so old that I can't even use it but it's really awesome!!

So are you a CARPET BAGGER?
I am and proud of it!!!

Here I am holding my favorite carpet bag :)
I wear them with anything ... I never match oh well!
I hope you enjoyed my carpet bags... click the link below to watch the clip from Mary Poppins when she pulls all the stuff out of her carpet bag.... SO BE IT! JAR :)

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