Monday, March 21, 2011

My Record Collection Part II

Last week I went record shopping and I found a lot of amazing LP's
The Game
The Cure
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
The Talking Heads
more songs about buildings and food
Karen Elson
The ghost who walks
Sean Lennon
Soundtrack for the movie
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead
Forest City Lovers
Julian Lennon
The B-52's
Wild planet
Elton John
Greatest Hits
Back in the USA

I hope to expand my record collection soon
If you missed the first half of my blog about my record collection go to

So Be It

Friday, March 18, 2011

To be grey headed or not to be grey headed?

I ran across a picture of this girl from Tokyo and her hair is dark grey and I am obsessed with it now! What to do..... well what do you think? I think I should, this is one color I have not tried yet.

But .... I will have to fight my hair stylist on this color and the bad thing is that my hair stylist happens to be my mother :(

So Be It!

Pig out time and a Freaks movie

So I have decided enough is enough with my fat butt not working out. So tomorrow starts my diet and my rehab to kick my habit of my addiction to Dr.Pepper and junk food. Tonight I am celebrating with a 1932 movie called Freaks and a load of junk food. I am also upset that everyone is at SXSW and I missed Sean Lennon and now The Strokes ...... so sad boo hoo boo hoo :(
I love this movie
I love Paydays
I have my jalapeno poppers
my tub of popcorn and
my Dr.Pepper

So this is my Friday night alone just me myself and I

So Be It

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breath of God I Love You

My new favorite perfume is Breath Of God by LUSH. I adore anything from Lush but this is a keeper in my book. It smells like candy and incense combined as one! I bought the solid perfume so it's easier to travel with and to just throw in your purse and go!
                             Lush also has a lot of different scents and Karma is my second choice. :)
                                                                   So Be It! JAR