Monday, March 8, 2010

What to Do on a Gloomy Monday

Today was rainy and gloomy so I cleaned my room and came across my Great Grandmother's jewelry boxes and became crafty. I busted out my vintage clutches that I collect and some old lockets and spiffed them up! this jewelry box belonged to my great grandma Sampson ... I never met her but she was from Finland :) this was my Grandma's jewelry box that my grandpa Rivas had brought from Japan in the late 1940's ... he was in the Navy :)

I found this old eagle patch and sewed it on this vintage clutch

I am in LOVE with bats ... I had this old bat finding that was in my Grandma's jewelry box and used bead glue .. vintage clutch with removable strap

I also ADORE seahorses and this is one of my favorite vintage clutches... I have had this seahorse for awhile and glued it to this clutch today!!

All day I watched The Darjeeling Limited ..... By far the best movie ever.. well to me it is!

I made this E.T. locket

and this vintage doll locket I made

And I also made a Ronald McDonald locket

All the lockets are made with vintage lace and pics

Then I cleaned Keanu's room today and he wanted a tent fort over his bed with lights ... it turned out pretty cool :)

Then after homework and dinner Keanu and I sat down and played Monopoly all night......

and of course Keanu won :)
Sometimes it's just good to have the TV turned off!
Well that sums up my day and tomorrow I will go Vintage shopping all day! Till then... good night JAR!!

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