Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Favorite things in my Room!

Here are some of my favorite things around my room! 

My best friend Christy who lives in LA went shopping at NECROMANCE and bought me these cool postcards and a cats bone earring!  Best gift EVER!!!!

I love the cats bone earring!

The little box it came in is too cute!

My candles and my new Paris Vogue magazine with Kate Moss as David Bowie!

I used a vintage serving tray as my magazine holder!

My huge TV love it and I like to watch movies with my room all lit up at night!

I put my postcards in vintage frames ... I love my butterfly in resin too!

My new mannequin head that holds my wolf hat and my peter pan collar!

My three little glass domes .... LOVE!!!!

My fake fish tank

My curiosity cabinet and oddities

another postcard in a vintage frame

My articulated cat named Skeletor 

my real cat named Teddy Bear
I LOVE her!!!!!!

Here is what the store front looks like at Necromance in LA

I hope you like my room!



Saturday, December 24, 2011

Things I NEED for 2012

I bought the new Elle January 2012 magazine and came across these really cute 1960 mod haircuts and I NEED it!!!! Also I didn't know Victoria Beckham had her own clothing line! It's mod cute and I need it NOW ... all of her dresses! I NEED for 2012!!!! I love her prints on the dresses as well ... CATS and moons!



Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friends of P

I don't tell a lot of people about my strange ability that I've had since the age of 9, but I guess since this is MY LIFE AS JAR .... I will tell!!! I was really scared to tell my mom about this ability and now that she has seen for herself that I have it ..... she believes me!

Sometimes I have premonitions and they come true all the time!

Sometimes it's a visual thing .... like I see it right before it happens

Sometimes it's just a gut feeling like intuition

Sometimes it's dreams very visual dreams

Sometimes my family tells me not to say things out loud because 80% of the time it comes true!

I have met people ( even some of you ) and I could sense things and that's how I knew we were connected somehow.

Very important people in my life have died even my pets and I knew it before they even died. Either through dreams or intuition. It's a scary thing but strange! Sometimes visually that's scary!

My religion teaches me not to look into these matters, but I believe some people have certain things for a reason! People sometimes think I'm crazy because I have told them something and then it happens!

I don't practice witch craft or any forms of spiritism... I'm really against all that!

But anyways I have this strong gut feeling this morning and it's strange!
It's a good feeling .... I wonder what's going to happen? :)



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Heart Michelle Williams

I just bought the new ELLE UK Dec. magazine last night and fell in love with Michelle Williams hair color and cut. In March I will be cutting all my hair off and dying it platinum blonde/ silver :)
I adore the lip dress too!!!!



Getting Ready for New Years Eve = Flash Dance

I'm trying to get my outfit/make-up ready for New Years Eve and so far this is what the outcome is! Glitter make-up/shoes and gold and sequence in my outfit! Come on 2012! Woo Hoooo!!!!

I have always loved this part of the movie Flashdance when she is eating lobster.
So I added my peter pan collar to resemble her look in this scene!
Maybe I will eat lobster New Years Eve too!

Red Lipstick
Cat eyes with black liner
and lots of gold glitter!



Sunday, December 18, 2011

Goth Christina Ricci in POP Magazine

I ran across this and instantly fell in love with this magazine layout of Ricci!
I love romantic goth :)