Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Night in 1987

I'm sitting here in my room on a Friday night in 2011 reminiscing about my favorite Friday nights back in 1987. I remember staying over at my Dad's house for the weekends and we would go eat pizza at Pizza Hut. Then my Dad would take us to the video store and I would always rent Desperately Seeking Susan and then I would go to my room and read the latest Bop or Big Bopper Magazine and talk on my Swatch phone. Then I would spend hrs putting on red lipstick and spraying Baby Soft perfume all over me. Those were the BEST Friday nights EVER...... and now here I am 33 yrs old and blogging on a Friday night! How time has changed :)

I would spend hours in the mirror trying to get the perfect red lips like Madonna ...
oh to be young again :)

So Be It


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Creatures in a Jar

If you know me well or if you follow my blog then you know I have an obsession for  dead creatures. I don't know why but it started about 6 months ago as I stumbled onto a website called The Evolution Store. I really want to expand my collection of dead creatures soon ..... the ones that I have my eyes on at this moment are the ones in jars. Go figure !!!! I posted on a blog 2 weeks ago about my current creatures CLICK HERE to view.

My current creatures that I own are

  •  bat in resin
  •  octopus in resin
  •  taxidermy fish
  • seahorse in a jar
  • old turtle shell .... very old!

Here are the 3 new creatures I want ......

Lizard in a jar

Squid in a jar

Shark in a jar

I adore them :)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Art Supply Shopping

Yesterday Keanu and I went art supply shopping at Michael's ... I normally shop at Texas Art Supply, but I am on a budget.Whats great about Michael's store is that you get amazing coupon deals and great prices.I will take you on a tour of what I typically buy when I make a quick trip for art supplies.

First thing I do is take my little helper Keanu ..... he loves going to the art store and later on you will find out why!

I go for the cheap paint brushes but they are my favorite
and they last a long time #8 and #10 are a must $2.99 each

Acrylic paints I normally use these two brands

On my way I pick up Gold Leaf that is a must in all my paintings
It's my MAGIC :)

In my basket I have a lot of bead glue and beads
thats another secrect to my paintings...
I use a lot of vintage beads and stones or it would'nt be a JAR painting!

GLITTER ... now I recommend the expensive glitter at Texas Art Supply but Martha Stewert has a variety of great inexpensive glitter too
I use glitter on my paintings all the time it's my trademark :)

Flowers ....  I needed flowers for a painting I am finishing today

Feathers .... well I love feathers for other art projects

Markers .... A MUST on my shopping list

and the reason Keanu tags along is for ..... What else but GOODIES :)

I bought him a drawing book of Anime ... I wanted it too :)

and of course a TOY .... and candy I love my Keanu!!

well that is just some of my art supply shopping
I hope you enjoyed ... this is just a day in the life of JAR


Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainbow Lips and Unicorns

Today I purchased 4 tubes of lipstick from Lime Crime ..... They are amazing and I can't wait to receive them in the mail.I bought 4 colors.....

  1. Mint To Be - Green
  2. Airborne Unicorn- light purple
  3. Centrifushia- bright pink
  4. No She Didn't- Blue

and all her lipstick tubes are purple with a holographic unicorn :)
All her make-up reminds me of candy and rainbow brite ..... It makes me feel so HAPPY!
Lets meet the designer of Limecrime her name is Doe Deere and she is wonderful!!!

She is as colorful as her lipsticks :)
Now lets go visit her house.....




So wonderful!!! You can check out Doe Deere's blog Here
I will buy all her make-up ASAP I just need more cash$$$$

When I receive my lipsticks I will take pics and blog them.

Till then 


Today is the day ..... FOR REAL this time!

Today I have decided to get healthy ..... which means eating right and no caffeine * YIKES* I have been having a lot of migraines and health problems this year. So after getting good test results back from the doctor after 3 years of illness. I am ready to get in gear or my rear in gear for the summer time. I might even try to go vegan soon but I might think about that one again .... I love meat and fish esp. Sushi YUMMY! Tonight I begin my workout routine .... so wish me luck!

So Be It

My New Obsession = Moonchild Princess and Elena

Do you remember the movie Neverending Story? Well I love that movie and every time I would watch it I wanted to be the Moonchild princess... She was so beautiful to me.She inspired the look of my nails this week.I also came across this fashion designer Elena Kanagy-Loux on the Internet,and she has to be the coolest lady EVER! She is also my new obsession fashion wise for this week with all her vintage slips and Japanese clothes.

Moonchild Princess

Moonchild Princess inspired these 3 nail colors for me this week
  1. Chanel AZUR ( translucent blue with glitter color,for my fingernails )
  2. Chanel GOLD FRICTION ( base coat for my toes)
  3. China Glaze MEDALLION (gold glitter for top coat on toes)

The photo doesn't capture the true color of the blue ... and I don't like to take pics of my feet :)

Elena Kanagy-Loux

She is my fashion inspiration this week .... Elena lived in Japan and now she lives in the States with her unique vintage/Harajuku style. click here to check her out on video ... LOVE !!!!

If only I could shop her closet :)

Her socks are from Japan = LOVE!!!

Here are some of the stores she shops at in Japan

Thanks for looking .... what are your obsessions this week?


Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Boys = LOVE

I just found these cute HAPPY BOY rings online at Hot Topic and they are dirt cheap... just my style! I just had to share them :) I want all 3 of them!!!

Boyfriend on a ring .... Maybe?!?



Take Me Back To The Good Old Days

What happened to the days of REAL music and REAL dancing ..... AND REAL FASHION? I believe people in Tokyo are the ONLY ones that embrace their individuality these days. But what do I know ... first off I live in boring Clear Lake TX where everybody believes in NOTHING but being NORMAL. So I want to go back to the decade where Basquiat was roaming the streets with Andy Warhol. The days where Keith Haring was tagging his art in the streets. Where you could walk around and see card board laid out on the sidewalks and see the break dancers spinning on their heads. On Friday night call your friends up and go to the local theater to watch Breakin' or Purple Rain. The good old days .... now lets bring that back. Sounds good to me :) Let's break out the Run DMC glasses and grab our boom boxes!