Thursday, March 18, 2010

My favorite items this week and a messy room!

Here are a few of my favorite items this week ... some I bought and some are on my wish list! I also have a movie party to prepare for and a sock mask to make and my room looks as if the Hiroshima bomb hit it... take a look! So I am having a Fantastic Mr.Fox party next month and now I have to prepare for it!!!
My Where The Wild Things party was so much fun that I want to do another movie party!

and Keanu wants to be this character so my task this week or next week is to get it together... FUN!!

I am obsessed with these Jeans .. they are by Cheap Monday
I only wear Cheap Monday Jeans they fit well :)

And these Cheap Monday Duck tape jeans are the BOMB ... I must have them ASAP!!

I bought Philosophy's Red Velvet Cake body wash today and I LOVE it!!!

and I bought the Red Velvet cake lip shine from Philosophy.... YUMMY!!!!

I am in LOVE with Chanel's new DRAGON nail color on my toes

and I have YSL's TUXEDO GREY nail color on my finger nails
I love the contrast of these two colors together!

and my room ...... WTH... I can't even see my floor anymore!!!
I went through all my clothes the other day to sell them and I ended up with this mess .... HELP!!!!!
Well Goodnight and I will blog more tomorrow... XOXO JAR!

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