Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

This morning is awesome my headache is gone and it's beautiful outside! I am listening to Devendra Banhart this morning while getting ready to go art supply shopping and then to lunch at The Thai Cottage with someone special!!! The best thing so far is that Keanu and I just bought our plane tickets to Colorado... we will be there in June FUN!!!! Devendra inspires me in so many ways... He is really Hot and has the best style in the world..not only that he has great art work also!
My favorite album of his is NINO ROJO!
that is whats playing on my ipod today :)

Devendra's art work
I really want my next tattoo to be some of his art!

Devendra's art

I found this cool Moroccan restaurant in San Francisco called Marrakech.... we seriously need one of these in Houston!

Look how amazing ..I want to decorate my room like this:)

Maybe if I ever go visit my Aunt Diane in San Francisco I can go eat here!

Also if you have time check out Devendra's music video At The Hop
Everyone have a great day because I know I will and tomorrow is the day I dye my hair dark again :) I can't wait!!!! JAR

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