Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Kinda Vintage Do You Wear?

Yesterday afternoon I went to Houston again to sell the rest of my clothes at Buffalo Exchange .... I made $85.00 Woo Hoo so after that I ran across the street to Leopard Lounge and bought 4 dresses and a rad romper. Last week I went to Goodwill and found some cool things too!! Sorry I have not been posting a lot of vintage blogs I have just been CRAZY tied up in other things at the moment!! It was a beautiful day outside so I had my windows rolled down and was jamming to Julian Casablancas... I want to Marry this guy!!!
Leopard Lounge has TONS of vintage dresses and I could spend all day in this store :)

I found this green dress for only $5.00 it will look amazing with my green eyes and red hair!!

That dress reminds me of the Tom Ford dress that Julianne Moore wore :)

I love this dress too $10.00

OK this is my FAVE and it cost $12.00

both of these dresses remind me of Stevie Nicks... I ADORE her look!!

This dress was an additional 75% off the sale price :)

It's like a carpet velvet material ... LOVE it!

and it's in style at this moment and it will look great with my new red hair

This Rad romper was $7.95 with an additional 75% off and it's sooo cute on!

I can't wait to wear this tomorrow to the art museum :)

I love this romper from Alexandra Grecco ...and it reminds me of the one I just found :)

I found this amazing 1980's denim puff sleeve jacket at Goodwill in Clear Lake for $4.00 and I am gonna wear it with my vintage romper tomorrow!

I also found this amazing disco clutch purse at Goodwill for $2.99 :))))

Reminds me of David Bowie and Glam Rock!!!
So I have found some GREAT stuff and at the same time I had to sacrifice some old amazing clothes to buy new vintage pieces .... JAR!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Manic Art Week at My Casa

Last week was CRAZY at my house... all I have been doing is ART and more ART! I am getting ready for my Mr. Fox party next Saturday and managed to finish my peacock painting for my bathroom :) The only time I left the house last week was to go art supply shopping are to go grab a bite to eat. Yesterday I flew to Goodwill to vintage shop really fast then I ran to meet my brothers to eat hot wings... and that sounds really good to me at this moment, I am STARVED!I am working on these fox masks for my party :)
I made some cardboard masks for my photo booth for this party and I am still not finished :(

Every night I watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show and paint and draw and paint until I am delirious :/

Keanu joined me one night and painted his own cardboard piece for the party... I LOVE my KEANU :)

He is so talented

my peacock painting I finished today .. I need to frame it tomorrow

YUMMY I treated Keanu and I to Chipotle LOVE!!!!!

I have to have my green Tabasco sauce... YUM!!!

I really want to paint her.... I need to stop watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show

and I LOVE Magenta... she is too RAD!
Well Goodnight and next week I will blog about more stuff... I will be going Vintage shopping and to the Art Museum maybe even the Zoo ... SO BE IT! JAR

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Heart Owls

I finally organized my closet yesterday and got rid of half my shoes and clothes :) I am so proud of myself but what I realized as I was going through my stuff is I am a crazy owl lady!!! Every time I go thrift shopping I hunt for ANYTHING Owl related... I wanted to show some of the pieces I have and it's not even all of it!
This is my FAVE it's a coffee cup and I used it in one of my recent paintings!

my Owl coasters :)

They are too cool!

My Owl flower pot

My Owl bank from Urban Outfitters

My Owl tea light candle holder from 1978.... some one made it in school way back then!

Another Owl tea light candle holder

and my other FAVE an old Japanese Owl tea pot!!
Well I hope you enjoyed my owls next time I will blog about my Owl jewelry...I have ALOT of it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Five Favorite Albums of The Day

These Are my Top 5 favorite records of today.... Keanu and I are jamming to them and getting ready to leave to have some FUN today!!!! This morning we had Fresh blueberry pancakes listening to Joan Baez and we cleaned the house to Weezer and got dressed to Roy Orbison and just now ate lunch listening to The Rentals... LOVE Matt Sharp!!! Now we will listen to Morrissey in the car on our way of FUN on this BEAUTIFUL day!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My favorite items this week and a messy room!

Here are a few of my favorite items this week ... some I bought and some are on my wish list! I also have a movie party to prepare for and a sock mask to make and my room looks as if the Hiroshima bomb hit it... take a look! So I am having a Fantastic Mr.Fox party next month and now I have to prepare for it!!!
My Where The Wild Things party was so much fun that I want to do another movie party!

and Keanu wants to be this character so my task this week or next week is to get it together... FUN!!

I am obsessed with these Jeans .. they are by Cheap Monday
I only wear Cheap Monday Jeans they fit well :)

And these Cheap Monday Duck tape jeans are the BOMB ... I must have them ASAP!!

I bought Philosophy's Red Velvet Cake body wash today and I LOVE it!!!

and I bought the Red Velvet cake lip shine from Philosophy.... YUMMY!!!!

I am in LOVE with Chanel's new DRAGON nail color on my toes

and I have YSL's TUXEDO GREY nail color on my finger nails
I love the contrast of these two colors together!

and my room ...... WTH... I can't even see my floor anymore!!!
I went through all my clothes the other day to sell them and I ended up with this mess .... HELP!!!!!
Well Goodnight and I will blog more tomorrow... XOXO JAR!