Friday, October 28, 2011

ODDITY FRIDAY: The Exploding Whale

I heard about this story a couple of years ago and it was crazy, odd and funny.


Blood and guts litter this street in Tainan, Taiwan, after decomposing organs in the sperm whale in background caused it to explode.

Watch it here .... it's REALLY gross!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Twiggy in The Boyfriend

Right now I am watching TCM and I almost had an orgasm when I started watching this movie..... It's the best film visually and fashionably! Twiggy is the main character, it's called THE BOYFRIEND from 1971! It's now my ALL TIME favorite films! It's AMAZING!



Bizarre Love Triangle

In 2 months I will be turning 34 years old .... WOW! The cool thing about being 33 is I found a bizarre love attraction for strange and odd things. It all started this past February when my step dad gave me his taxidermy piranha fish and an 30 year old turtle shell. Being in my thirties has taught me to discover things that let me feel alive and beautiful. These are the things that no boyfriend or anyone can fulfill in my life. It's called self discovery and it's a bizarre love triangle within myself. Now I wonder what I will become at the age of 34. 

People think when you turn 30 you should start dying and dress old and feel old.But honestly I feel younger ..... I love Star Wars, Anime and video games and I still love to dress up and wear strange things. I am my own canvas and my mind is a endless book shelf waiting to be filled with knowledge. Yes I'm still single and I have never been married, but I feel I should discover myself before I find someone who will add to my life. I'd rather be alone and in love with myself than be with someone who makes me feel less about myself.

I am a Mother to a wonderful son and a artist filled with spirit. I will be who I am and no one can take that away from me!

I don't want to be cut from the same pattern as everyone else.

My frailties make me stronger... When I suffer I survive.
My anxieties and depression walk with me like my shadow but they build a foundation for my strong character. And for this I am an artist and a individual.

I see beauty in everything and everyone, even if they have hurt me in the past.

Life is love and love is passion!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

In My Bedroom

                                               IN MY BEDROOM

Last month I updated and rearranged my  bedroom. I needed to make room for all my oddities and some new furniture. I LOVE my bedroom it's were I go to escape this boring world .... it's my world filled with everything that makes me smile! Please take a tour of it and ENJOY! 

There is A LOT to take in
I have so much stuff
Thanks for looking!

This is where I spend the majority of my time at and where I paint my paintings.
More oddities to come and more taxidermy things.
The Cosmo magazine is from October 1980.
All my furniture is antique except for my TV and record player.

Seahorse painting by my friend, Timothy Varisco .... Love it!

P.S. If your wondering what that white thing is on my coffee table .. it's my MacBook. I forgot to remove it before taking pics!