Friday, August 27, 2010

Vintage shopping in Austin TX

I stopped by a vintage store in Austin called CREAM VINTAGE and they had nothing but retro types of things .... they had real vintage finds!
It was really HOT that day and My mom and I had walked from Toy Joy to here and I was about to PASS OUT ... so I didn't take A lot of pics in the store ... all I could think about was A/C and cold water!

They had lots of Vintage dresses but the price points were REALLY high for my taste
but they were in very well condition and they do alterations in the store which is a plus!
You can see my mom in this photo she Loved this store but all I wanted was Ice water... and all she wanted to do was try on clothes!!

They had tons of vintage cut off shorts and tons of amazing clutches

I bought a few scarves
they had really cute ones... I feel like I want to look like a Gypsy nowadays so I stock up on vintage scarves when I can .... SO BE IT!!!

I purchased these cool vintage boots $12.99

I bought this cool bell sleeve 1970 dress for $11.99

This was on sale for $5.00 and it looks alot better on

I bought a grey clutch and a red woven clutch
both were $4.99 each

So I highly recommend stopping by this vintage store if you happen to be in Austin TX


My mom is VERY special to me and she is one of my close friends!She is so BEAUTIFUL that sometimes I wish that I looked like her. She is the best Grandma to my son Keanu and she has the best style EVER! She is the most open minded person that I know and I love her with all my Heart!!!

Anna Marie Cano (Ketchum)
was born in 1958

She was a Cheerleader and a Very Beautiful girl :)

She got married at a young age and had 3 kids
Billy 34
Jennifer 32
Matthew 29

Me and my mom


Not only is she the best hair stylest
she is the best grandma (Nanna)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Vintage SCORE!

When I was in New Braunfels I stopped by a Thrift Store and that's the name of it! I found so many cool things from rings to purses to one huge purple dress that Miss Piggy from the Muppet's would have worn and I LOVE it!! Next time I am there again I MUST go back to the Thrift Store!!!

I bought this owl plate for 99 cents SCORE!!!

I bought this cute Vintage purple dress and this cool 1980's rope belt LOVE it.
I bought alot of handbags and scarves
and a cute paper ring but SORRY I didn't take pics but maybe I will get around to it!


Friday, August 20, 2010


Last week I went vintage shopping in Austin and New Braunfels and I went into a store called MEGABRYT I bought a couple of vintage items and a vintage head scarf that I wore the entire trip. Enjoy the pics I took of this very colorful store!