Monday, May 23, 2011

Movie and a Manicure this week

The movie that has inspired my nail color for this week is 1980's Xanadu with Olivia Newton John. With all the purple neon lights in the movie..... I chose the color ultraviolet from POP Beauty Nail Glam   to put on my nails this week :)

I used my TRAMP shower gel from LUSH
to soak my hands in feet in.I feel like Tramp was the best way to go because her character in Xanadu is kinda Trampy :)

My Tramp bottle is the older one ... now it's a RETRO item from LUSH!
It smells like Patchouli ...YUMM!

The nail color did come out darker than what the color looks like in the bottle but I am still happy with it!

So Be It!


Friday, May 20, 2011

My 5 products I use daily

Every morning and night I use these 5 cheap and amazing products .... I can't live without them!

1) LUSH bubblegum lip scrub
2) Lipsmackers Dr. Pepper lip balm
3) Olay complete moisturizer for sensitive skin
4) Target Vaseline .... for eye make-up remover and to moisturize around my eyes
5) Crest White Strips Supreme
I get them at my Dentist office they are really strong!

So that is what I use daily and before bedtime!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My 1960's London Fashion Video Part#1

I created and put together a mini blog video about 1960 London Fashion. Please check it out!

Thanks for watching 



A Day at the Art Museum

I wanted to post this last week but my plate was full! So here is my perfect day at the Houston Museum Of Fine Arts. They were showing the Impressionist and I really love Van Gogh and Renoir's paintings. My Grandma is an artist and she really wanted to view this exhibit .... so we all got in the car and headed out to Houston. This was also Keanu's first time at an art museum, so that was exciting!

Keanu was SO excited :)

Here we all are .... Me,Keanu, my older brother Billy,my little brother Matt and my Grandma Rivas
My Step Dad Paul was there too but he was taking the picture of us :)
So I tried taking pictures on my cell phone but the security ladies kept getting on to me .... but I did get a pic of the best painting there .... Van Gogh!!

Paul and Keanu

I tried taking pics .... until I was getting followed by the security ladies UGH!!!
I fell in love with this painting that had a cow in it!

I tried to snap pics :)
I did get a picture of my Grandma looking at a painting .... she was so happy to be at the museum!
and I was just happy to spend time with her .... LOVE her!!!!
At the gift shop I fell in love with so many books ... but I was short on cash!
They had an entire section on Paris .... I want to go to Paris someday!!!!
This is the book that I am saving my money for at the moment :)
and this book too ..... such great books at the museum gift shop.
We did buy some Van Gogh post cards :)
we were STARVING so we went down stairs to eat at Cafe Express!
We sat outside by the waterfall and the weather was PERFECT!!!
Keanu and Grandma Rivas
Keanu and I ... I adore my Keanu
and we had a great time!
After we ate we left but the day was still ours....
So Keanu and I stopped and bought some snow cones at our favorite place in Friendswood
I got pink bubblegum
and Keanu got blue raspberry
We were jamming to The Strokes in the car :)

Then I took keanu to the park to go bike riding and skateboarding
My brothers Billy and Matt were there also:)

He hates wearing his helmet !

So we had an AMAZING day at the art museum and just life in general ....



Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love and Grunge

1992 ..... I was 14 years old and in love with Love! Courtney and Kurt :)

So Be It!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Moon Party Movie

Keanu and I put together a short movie about our back yard Moon Party we had a few months back :)
Please check it out!!!



Sunday, May 8, 2011

My new obsession this week= Anime and manicures

 I love watching Anime movies .... and I just finished watching Metropolis and I fell in love with it. It also inspired my nail look for this week!

This anime movie made me want to paint my nails in a great anime blue color

I soaked my hands and feet in Lush's Bath Bomb called Girl Planet. I bought it at the Lush store in Baybrook Mall ....
and it smells really yummy.
Here is how I use the bath bomb step by step :)

First I put really hot tap water in a large bowl ... A clear bowl is better so you can see the cool color of the Girl Planet bath bomb going off!

Take the bath bomb out of the cute Lush bag :)

It smells so yummy!

Next make sure your water is Hot.... so the bath bomb can fizzle better...
Drop it in and watch it go!

I let it fizzle for a moment and then I take the left over bath bomb out

Because it's normally used for the bath ....
so I let it dry and use it for a later use :)

Girl Planet turns a cool purple color!

I soak my hands and feet ...

I have all my essentials out for my manicure and pedicure ...

While watching Metropolis .... This is my time for myself!
Whats better then a good movie and a great manicure and pedicure for yourself! :)

I decided on a pretty pastel blue color called What's The Cattitude by O.P.I
on my nails .... It reminds me of a anime blue :)