Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Wild Tuesday

Today I will call it my wild morning..... I stayed up late last night making Where The Wild Things are mask for my party on Saturday! Then early this morning at 8 am I was at target buying the movie and the new NYLON magazine :) Then I started on the MAX mask and just got done..... wow I am soooo tired and my hand is numb but Keanu is gonna be soooo excited to see the mask! I am such a wonderful mom and I will do anything for him! Tonight we are making Max's boat out of cardboard...FUN! So I am watching Where The Wild Things Are ... and trying not to think about food... I hate eating healthy... YUCK!!!
These are the almost finished WTWTA mask

I hope you enjoyed this and I can't wait until my Where The Wild Things Are party on Saturday.... I will post Pics from my party on Sunday.... Until then every one have a wonderful day ..... JAR

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