Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Houston Vintage Shopping

Yesterday I literally rolled out of bed with the same make-up I had on from the previous night to go to Houston and sell the rest of my Betsey Johnson clothes.Keanu is on Spring Break so he tagged along and we had FUN! I remember going to Westheimer in the late 80's and early 90's way back when Wear It Again Sam was still around and the Record Rack. Dawn Kelley and I would stock up on vintage threads and Morrissey posters... those were great times!!! Now Westheimer is kinda a BORE! But I did manage to rack in some dough and get a couple of vintage pieces at the same time!My first stop was Buffalo Exchange
I made $130 off my old Betsey clothes :)

There dress selection was OK :/

I really wanted these shoes but Keanu HATED them

These were pretty cool but too much money :(

I bought this top for $4

And Keanu was so good... my little baby pie!
Keanu ended up buying band buttons for his backpack

I also bought these AWESOME wooden wedges they were a size 5 .... soooo happy!

I collect wooden shoes... perfect fit!

Then I went to WISH next door .. it's not vintage and there clothes SUCKED... but they had cool decorating ideas!!

Loved the suitcase jewelery case

and the old sewing machine

my favorite was how they used old record covers as wall paper!!

Next we walked to TAXI TAXI

They had great fur coats :)

and a amazing rack of vintage dresses ... they were blasting The Smiths :)

they had cool men's vintage tee's.. I wanted this Cheap Trick one!

I bought this dress 50% off

The dressing rooms were cool ... and I am still not used of my red hair :(

Keanu was still a little trooper ... he was helping me pick out clothes!!

All three dresses that I bought were 50% off :)

This is my FAVE a little vintage sun dress!

Then a vintage terry cloth dress .. the light yellow goes with my red hair :)

Then we went next store to LEOPARD LOUNGE and WOW.. I could live in this store it's all VINTAGE!!!
and the girls working there were really awesome looking it made me feel really uncool!!

The guys section was great... excuse the photo my camera was a mess!

I bought this little red sun dress to go with my new hair color!

I am fat the next thing is to lose some pounds!!!

Keanu was getting tired by then so that was the end of our Houston shopping trip :(
After that I went to PLATO'S CLOSET by Baybrook Mall to sell my ugly clothes and I made $85.00 ...but I wanted to shoot myself that store SUX SUX SUX!!!!
anyways ... until the next time JAR!!!

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