Thursday, September 23, 2010

My own ART coffee mugs

So I have my own art coffee cups now and they are really cool and one of a kind :) Let me know if you wanna purchase one they are only $30.00 each Check the rest out on my

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My dream come True

It was at the age of 5 that I discovered that I loved art. One day back in 1983 I was sitting in my room drawing flowers, I must have drawn and painted about 15 different flowers on separate pieces of paper and I got this bright idea. I CAN SELL THEM!!! So I got a shoe box and put all my little flower drawings into it and went door to door in my neighborhood selling my art for $1.00 each.

Well through school I never took art really seriously until High School and I was so advance that they made up different classes for me ... so say they only went up to Art 2 they would put me in Art 3 in a level Art 2 class but I was the only kid in Art 3. People HATED me. I was a horrible student but in Art I was in Honors .... I was in Art AP Honors getting my portfolio ready to submit to a college of my choice AND I got excepted but sadly enough when I turned 18 my senior year I left school for fashion. ALL my art teachers cried and said "What a waste of talent".

I never focused on art ever again .... I worked in fashion retail for 12 yrs managing and putting up with customers. Until I turned 30 yrs old and left retail for good. That's when I picked up a canvas and paint and started doing what I LOVED to do.

A month later my mom had taken that painting and hung it in her work space and that's when I got recognized by a lady that would change my life career for ever!

Ever since 2008 I have been selling my art work ... I have sold over 25 paintings and 1 large wall mural. so now I am living my dream and I am able to be a stay at home mom. Even though I still am a make-up artist in my spare time.I now own my own business called ART BY JAR and I don't have to work for corporate retail anymore!! I still love what I do and it's my life passion and my dream come true and NOBODY can take that away from me! SO BE IT!I might not be married or have the perfect boyfriend or car or house but what a do have is my talent and my other beautiful creation Keanu who is my WHOLE heart!!!
My grandma saved one of those flower drawings from when I was 5 and she framed it!

Flower 1983

My painting that won 1st place in an Art show in High School

this was right before I left school for good
Age 18 1996

this was my Art portfolio that I carried to school everyday
it's all beat up now

So be it
Jennifer Ann Rivas
aka" JAR"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taking a shower and feeling like a yummy Hippy or Jerry Garcia

Not only do I love an amazing Grateful Dead song to start off my day but I also like smelling like a YUMMY HAPPY HIPPY in the shower! I LOVE my new shower gel from LUSH called Happy Hippy!!! It smells like grapefruit and love and I need all the love I can get ... even if it makes me a hippy at heart!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

My favorite thing to do

When I have time to myself my favorite thing to do is soak my feet and hands in all my yummy LUSH products and give my self a manicure and pedicure! I love the LUSH BATH BOMBS and I also love LUSH OCEAN SALT SCRUB to use to exfoliate my hands and feet! and it smells so good!
I love OPI's nail color Lincoln Park after Dark  I have been wearing it all summer ... it's a dark purple that looks black :)

What I love about this Bath Bomb it that it has confetti in it ... like my feet and hands are having a PARTY!!!!

I know I have Fred Flinstone Feet but I take care of them at ALL times
No Crusty feet ALLOWED :) LOL