Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vintage Shopping on a Cold Tuesday Morning

So today I got out early this morning in the cold to go to my FAVORITE vintage store Then & Now Resale off of FM528 in Friendswood. I shop here once or twice a week and here is what I found today!
When you walk inside they have a great selection of clothing and great kids clothing also!

I always find great vintage jewlry and purses and sometimes just off the wall stuff :)

I collect owls and they always have vintage owls and cool stuff in this section of the store!

They also have a huge section dedicated to old scrapes of fabric and lace. You can also find jars of buttons and old ribbons!

There shoe selection is nice ... last week I found a awesome pair of vintage boots for only .79cents.... right next to this rack is a great selection of vintage scarves!

I tried on this red blouse and this cool apron skirt that had Mount Rushmore on it .... SCORE! The VERY old clutch was a bonus too :)

So Awesome!!!

So I left the store with these 3 items and the ladies that work there know me so well they save cool things for me... so I got a free vintage flower hate from the 1930's! :)

I also went shopping there last week and I bought this cool bag for .79cents plus a belt for .39cents !!!!

These were the boots I found and bought last week for only .79cents :)

I bought this cool 1980's dress for only $2.99

and this dress for only $2.75 plus the cool ribbon belt!

This was the free vintage hat they gave me today... it looks alot cooler in person :)

So today I spent $3.50 and last week I spent $8.27 ... AMAZING!!!

oh I almost forgot... I bought this collectors book written and illustrated by Cat Stevens from 1972 for only .25cents!!!!! I LOVE Cat Stevens and I LOVE Then & Now Reasale! Now everyone knows where I shop at! Oh well so be it!

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