Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BIBA Make-Up

Today I took the opportunity to practice my make-up skills.. so I tried the BIBA look from the book MAKING FACES by Kevin Aucoin! I have been a make-up artist for 5 yrs now.. I started out as a district make-up artist for STILA cosmetics and got trained by the top in the business. Traveling around all the time got old and Keanu was a little baby so I quit that! Now I do make-up part time using KETT airbrush make-up and doing a lot of weddings and photo shoots with my AMAZING mom :) I got trained by the KETT make-up artist who live in NEW YORK and work on top celebrities and now I sit bored and painting up my face... LAME!!!Kevin used model Kate Moss for the BIBA look
This book is great because it takes you step by step

The BIBA look was popular in the late 60's and early 70's

Twiggy was the BIBA model of that time

The BIBA logo inspires me in so many ways especially in my art work with the gold leafing

Twiggy inside the BIBA store in London ..... I should have lived in that era :(

So here is my final look .... it's blah but hey I am BORED!!! and practice makes perfect SO they say yeah!

In color :)

I got bored ... OMG LIKE SHUT UP!

My little best furry friend ... GIZMO the cat!

So that is that.. and this and that..... any who ...JAR I don't even think any one will read this junk!

  • KETT air brush make-up and setting powder
  • Benefit Bio-ing concealer
  • STILA eye shadows Kitten and Ebony
  • STILA convertible color #4 poppy on cheeks
  • NARS blush Desire
  • Yves Saint Larant liquid eyeliner black
  • Great lash mascara in Blackest black
  • NARS lip pencil amazon
  • NARS lipstick in Shanghai
  • MAC lip gloss in black

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