Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am Loving Today

Last night I had the best time with one of my dearest friends Olive. We went to Chelsea's Wine Bar and listened to this guy sing and play his guitar... and he was HOT!!! It was really romantic the only thing we needed were boyfriends... but who needs BOYS right!! He will be playing there again April the 14Th :)So today I woke up so excited to start the day and I have SO much to accomplish ....... :) but first paint my fingernails... I am such a girl :) Look he was sooooo amazing he kinda reminded me of Devendra Banhart... he even looked a little like him!
So today I am redoing the bathroom ... I am gonna paint one wall gold then hand paint some peacock feathers all over the wall like wall paper.
The other walls will be a very dark navy and I decided to paint some paintings for the navy wall!

One painting I started will be of a art deco peacock in a vintage gold frame I found a year ago... it's still in the works so don't judge it yet :)

Then I have to prep some more of my canvases today

Here are some of the vintage frames I have collected over the years from garage sells to thrift stores

All day I have been listening to Journey's greatest hits and I can't seem to focus because I keep dancing and singing around the house... But hey I am getting my exercise in for the day... RIGHT!

and now I am listening to my FAVORITE Madonna's greatest hits ... man now I am never gonna get work done!!! I can't stop dancing and thinking I can sing oh well ... my cat keeps looking at me like I am deranged ..haha!!!

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