Monday, February 15, 2010

Vintage Shopping on a Beautiful Day

Today I ventured out to Kemah and I found Nu-Once Resale Shop... I have been here a lot in the past and they are slowly going down hill. They used to sell a lot of old vintage dresses but the manager decided to take them out of the store :( The only great thing about this store is their furniture and old dishes... but all and all I did manage to leave with a few cool things but I had to search REALLY hard to find them! Take a look :) Nu-Once you can't miss the Peacock sign! They are also a consignment shop :)
They do have really cool vintage jewelry in the store and it's displayed in old vintage dressers and cabinets! I found myself an old Bambi necklace today.

I found this rad quilt puff sleeve blazer and I paired it with an old Rampage dress from the early 90's

The blazer was CUTE but I found other stuff to buy.. and it was hard to takes pictures in the store due to the manager being a BIOTCH.. OH WELL! I need to lose a few pounds also!!

They had lots of earrings and designer handbags.. I like the birdcage too bad that wasn't for sale.

So I ventured over to the furniture side..I had to get away from the manager she was making me feel like 5 finger discount Lucy..LOL!!! They also had a lot of men's clothes in this area of the store.

The men's side had COOL stuff .. too bad I don't have a boyfriend to shop for... OH well..SO BE IT!

They had tons of cow boy boots and hats... but they also had a good selection of graphic vintage tee's .... See how fast I took this picture the manager kept following me...!!!!

I did end up leaving with a Anna Sui top it only cost $8.00

Woo Hoo... SCORE!

This Anna Sui top will look great with a black blazer over it...maybe!

I also found this amazing disco dress that makes me want to listen to some Roxy Music :)

and go dance at Studio 54

The disco dress cost $5.99 and it has pockets on each side.. I really love this dress!!

LOVE it!

Here is the Bambi necklace I purchased only $2.99

I also found a cool bamboo looking 1970's clutch and these cool 1960 gold and cream shoes... in my size YEAH!!!

Size 6 .. just my size and in great condition... only $5.00 :)
So the store is cool the manager is strange but I recommend this resale shop.. kinda pricey but well worth it! Next week I might go and venture out to Texas City or Houston till then... JAR!!

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