Monday, February 8, 2010

Vintage Monday

My destination today was Goodwill in Clear Lake and they had really great stuff but there price points are really high. I took Keanu along with me and he loves to vintage shop he is such a great best friend :) So take a look at some of the awesome things I found today!
Everything is color coordinated and very nice and clean which makes it easier to shop :)

Wow... VEGAS on a Little grandma's body.. go hit the machines Granny!

This vest was AMAZING it was the first thing I fell in love with .. reminds me of Janis Joplin or maybe Devendra Banhart.... LOVE !!!!!

The back of the vest was way too cool... too bad it was huge on me :(

Keanu found a cowboy hat I hope he doesn't end up with hair lice...LOL!!!!

This blouse would be cute with a pencil skirt or high wasted 1970 jeans... throw an a vest or a cool fitted blazer :)

OK ... this I adore...... but they wanted $10.00 for it ...look how amazing ..wear it over a cute vintage dress with boots in the winter or a vintage graphic tee with jeans :)

I loved these old type writers and they were in great condition.. this Goodwill had anything you can think of!

The record player was $48.00 WHAT :(

They also had boxes and boxes full of records and good ones too!

They had a butt load of Barry Manilow :) My mom adores Manilow!!!

Keanu found this and made fun of it the entire time ... he took the picture! Such a good little helper! Keanu is my owl spotter..every time we go vintage shopping his job is to scout out the owls for me!

The Who's TOMMY book

So I ended up buying this puff sleeve plaid blouse and this huge beaded necklace

I also bought this rad T.REX button :)

I collect anything with Bats for art reasons ... and I love this Raggedy Ann pin... so I bought them!

I bought this denim Levi's vest for $2.50... love it !!!!!

See :) It reminds me of Alison Mosshart from the group The Kills and The Dead Weather see her picture below!

I even have gold boots just like her! So I hope you enjoyed my adventure at Goodwill today!!! Stay tuned for my next vintage adventure :) JAR

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