Friday, January 29, 2010

Vintage shopping on a Friday afternoon

So every week I will find a resale or vintage store and blog about the store and what I find. Today I went to a resale shop called ICM Resale Store on Bay Area in Clear Lake and it was AMAZING.This is some of the stuff I found take a look.....
I found a Diane Von Furstenberg blouse with an amazing print on it for only $2.00 WOW!

They have a HUGE selection of dishware and furniture.... I wanted to take these home with me :)

They also have a HUGE selection of old sewing stuff and doll parts ..... I might go back and get these!

They hade a great selection of old records .... 4 records for a $1.00

they had 4 full shelves of records

The book selection was amazing also and I could have spent all day in here

I ended up buying a 1980's fish belt and the DVF shirt.... the shirt reminded me of a Miu Miu blouse I had just seen in the new Vogue mag that is out :)

This is the print up close very artdeco :)

This is the Miu Miu shirt from Vogue ... I am gonna reconstruct the DVF shirt I bought and make it look awesome!

Miu Miu spring 2010 collection ..... its all about strange prints!

Can you believe I only spent $2.98 for a DVF blouse and a amazing belt... next week I will post another Resale shop and the goodies I find.... can't wait!

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