Monday, February 22, 2010

a poem to my painting

I painted this back in November of 2009 and this painting took every emotion I had out of me. Once during painting this I broke down and cried so much that it took me a couple of days to even want to approach it again. This is the one painting that means a great deal to me and it exposes how vulnerable I am at times.... someone once asked me to explain what this painting was about and I couldn't put it into words for them. This morning I was sitting in my room staring at it and words just started to flow onto paper ... so here is a poem that I just wrote to describe this painting to you! THE MASK

I am so infatuated with you

every time I see you I want to strip your mind piece by piece

and examine you to your core

I want to make love to your heart

and make it pump with purity

I want to uncensore the air that you breathe

and kiss the nakedness of your beauty

I want to x-ray you with my eyes and examine the bones that make your frame

I want your words in my lungs like a disease

I want to breathe them every second of the day

you are the one the flows through my veins

your like the poison to my intestines

your the thread that stitches my heart

piece by piece you stitch up my heart

and by the pull of one thread you will tear it apart

I want to chisel at the mask you wear

and embrace the face I will never touch

If this pen that I write these words with were my heart it would pump my blood and tears

and I would drown in these words

only waiting for you to save me

I would flow down your throat

and penetrate your veins

I want to be the nutrition to your soul

the very soul that I never have

* Jennifer Ann Rivas*

I was writing all over papers in my room .. my mind would not shut off :) I have not written like this in a long time... it feels good to empty my heart out to any one who will read this and if you think this is about you... that certain someone you are probably right!

I have not been able to paint since this painting but today I am starting a new painting. Thank goodness my mind was stuck in second gear for so long!!!

Well I am off like a dirty shirt.. I have to go thrift shopping today so I can write my weekly vintage blog.... JAR

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