Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things I Use Daily

These are just some of the items I use on a daily basis. In the shower I use Lush's Karma soap ... it reminds me of a catholic church because it smells like incense!

I then use the Karma solid perfume.. and you can just throw it in your purse and go :) I am wearing this color on my nails right now and I LOVE it!

I am wearing this color on my toes... The BEST!!

I use this alot ... just as perfume or I use it in my oil burner to make my room smell good!

This is my #1 favorite... sometimes I mix Aveda's Patchouli oil in with the lotion to give it a different smell :)

I use this to seal my eye brows.. I have been using this for over 6 yrs now!

My so silver shampoo to keep my hair a good looking platinum color... but if I use it too much my hair might look purple like those little old ladies :)

Tom Ford Black Orchid...... LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Stila's Kitten eyeshadow I use this EVERY day

I also use Stila's Cream convertible blush in rose and petunia.. you can use it for lips or cheeks!

I use this in my car and my room ... this scent reminds me of burning incense also but with a hint of yummy stuff!

Now I can't live without this candle.... I burn this almost every day!

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