Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vintage Shopping with Keanu = FUN DAY!

So today Keanu stayed home from school and we went thrift shopping all day... well almost all day.We hit up two great thrift stores and scored some cool stuff. Then we ate at Masa Sushi YUMMY.On our way home we found this cool Smoothie place that looks as if you are at a beach inside VERY NEAT!! So check out our adventure ........ Our first stop was Jackie's Resale in League City off of 518... it was soooo very tiny in here that it only took 2 minutes to shop the entire store :( but we did find 2 items :)
When I first walked in I SCORED with a book by Keith Haring one of my FAVORITE artist of all times..... I was so excited only .99 cents for it!

The store was well maintained and very clean!

They had really awesome men's clothing.... NEXT!

They had a lot of dishes and nicknack's

TONS of shoes :)

Those blue boots were cool but I didn't have enough cash :(

Keanu found a cool FOX book... he is obsessed with Fox's... it was only $1.00

LOVE my new book

Keith Haring was so amazing :)


Our next adventure was the BEST so far .... It was THE THRIFT SHOP off of 45 and 518 in League City

They had great shoes ... I wanted these :)

A lot of cookbooks too :)

They also had 2 rooms full of nicknack's

ROD STEWART.... had to have this album only $1.00

I almost peed on myself when I came across this AWESOME dress :)

Then I almost passed out when I had found an original MISSONI skirt ..... SCORE!!! and it was only $8.00

It is so amazing in person it has to be from the 1970's era

So I bought them both :)

Keanu found this cool puff vest... He is the coolest!!

I had to try it on ...PERFECT!

So this is what I bought ... and I found a cool brooch of a Panda Bear!!!!

I still can't believe it's a real Missoni

I LOVE panda bears

Then we went to eat Sushi at Masa Sushi .... I love Keanu!!!

This was the smoothie shop we discovered today!
So that about sums our fun beautiful day up and now I can rest.... until the next Vintage adventure.... JAR

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