Thursday, September 1, 2011

September brings a fresh start

September brings a fresh start in my life and for my blog! No more tears no more fears and no more Summer .... Summer was a long a treacherous road for me. Today I went thrift shopping and just wanted to share a few things with you to start off September 1st.

Today I have been playing these two cd's NON STOP!

I did a smokey eye look with 1970's hair and a vintage Boho dress
I also used one of the pics for my new blog banner :)
September will be my 1970's inspiration!

I bought 2 new items for my walls

I bought the Sept issue of NYLON
I heart Christina Ricci

Bought these vintage boots for $2.99

Bought this vintage blouse for . 99 cents

bought this vintage 1960's bed jacket for $1.00

So that was my day and this a new month!




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