Friday, September 2, 2011

My Book of The Week ... Patti Smith

New to my blog is JAR's Book Of The Week! Every Saturday I will post the book I am currently reading and a passage from it .... I want to inspire people to read again and let their imaginations flow with inspiration. I want to let people know that real books are our friends, NOT Nooks or electronic books. Support the paperbacks and Hard Covers FEEL and SMELL the book.

After visiting with Keanu's reading teacher this year. She has inspired me to read again and I need to get in the habit so Keanu will read everyday.

I encourage you to turn your TV's off and turn your minds on .....
Please feel free to tell me what books you are reading!

Knowledge is POWER!

Here is my book of the week.

Patti Smith: Early Work,1970-1979


have you seen
dylan's dog
it got wings
it can fly
if you speak
of it to him
it's the only
time dylan
can't look you in the eye

have you held
dylan's snake
it rattles like a toy
it sleeps in the grass
it coils in his hand
it hums and it strikes out
when dylan cries out
when dylan cries out

have you pressed 
to your face
dylan's bird
dylan's bird
it lies on dylan's ship
trembles inside of him
it drops upon the ground
it rolls with dylan round
it's the only one
who comes 
when dylan comes

have you seen
dylan's dog
it got wings
it can fly
when it lands
like a clown
he's the only
thing allowed
to look dylan in the eye



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