Thursday, September 29, 2011

Butterflies in the Mail

  I finally found a place in Texas that ships real butterflies and they are really cheap. I have been searching for real butterflies to put in my glass bell jars. My package of 3 beautiful butterflies came in the mail yesterday. I will be purchasing more for a framed art display I will be working on soon.
What's more exciting than receiving beautiful butterflies in your mailbox?

These are the butterflies I purchased from

                                                                                             ButterfliesByAun's at ETSY.COM

All photos below were taken from Aun's Etsy site

Polyura Athamas
West Java, Indonesia

Pachliopta Aristolochia

Cepora Sp.
West Java, Indonesia

I will post my completed bell jars soon and my new oddities when they arrive :)
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