Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lime Crime Lip Noir Colors

I received my new Lime Crime lip noir colors in last week but I just now had the time to blog about it. Lime Crime just came out with 2 new colors and they brought back Styletto for this collection. I now have their whole collection of wonderful lipsticks. Check out my blog about the rainbow collection HERE.

The shipping box is now purple and it came with a really cool booklet

The colors are
Chinchilla - light purple grey
Glamour 101- dark red
Styletto- black ( I already had this color )


Glamour 101


My favorite out of all three is still Styletto my least favorite is chinchilla on me ... I wish it were a true grey color. I like Glamour 101 but my favorite red is still retrofuturist from Lime Crime!



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