Monday, September 5, 2011

Morbid Manicure

I have been in the slums about the same old boring nail polish colors .... black is so boring now. All these pastel colors are not doing it for me either. What's a girl like me to do? I normally get nail color inspirations from films I watch ..... well BINGO! I ran across a couple of these very old medical anatomy photos and I instantaneously got my nail color idea! I call this my morbid manicure!

Okay I had to throw this Lego Anatomy pic in .... it's really cool!

My manicure kinda came out looking too happy and not morbid.
I used a flesh colored nail polish all over with red and blue splats all over. It's cool but it kinda turned out looking like happy polka dots. OH well! I just call it my Jackson Pollock look :)

I wanted the tan to represent flesh and the red and blue to represent veins.

oh well 



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