Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bell Jars and Kung Fu

Tonight I spent all night with myself and ate pizza and popcorn and a whole jar of pickles..... while watching Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2. I even managed to paint my nails matte black and create a decorated bell jar. I was laying on my floor by my closet and realized how many cool heels I have.... but I never wear them. They look good by my new bell jar :) I even redecorated my room and added new furniture and made my bed into a daybed. Pics coming soon about my new decorated room. I LOVE nights like this!

I used green moss and a Styrofoam cut out with hot glue and fake butterflies for my bell jar
and a piece of bamboo 

The bird is taxidermy and so is the turtle shell it's REALLY old.

The glass dome cost me $40.00 at Hobby Lobby
When I get money I will buy real butterflies for this Bell Jar .... they are costly :(

I even managed to almost finish a painting for a client tonight.
I love staying busy.

After watching Kill Bill I might start getting my body into shape!

Good Night


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