Friday, April 22, 2011

Take Me Back To The Good Old Days

What happened to the days of REAL music and REAL dancing ..... AND REAL FASHION? I believe people in Tokyo are the ONLY ones that embrace their individuality these days. But what do I know ... first off I live in boring Clear Lake TX where everybody believes in NOTHING but being NORMAL. So I want to go back to the decade where Basquiat was roaming the streets with Andy Warhol. The days where Keith Haring was tagging his art in the streets. Where you could walk around and see card board laid out on the sidewalks and see the break dancers spinning on their heads. On Friday night call your friends up and go to the local theater to watch Breakin' or Purple Rain. The good old days .... now lets bring that back. Sounds good to me :) Let's break out the Run DMC glasses and grab our boom boxes!



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