Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Night in 1987

I'm sitting here in my room on a Friday night in 2011 reminiscing about my favorite Friday nights back in 1987. I remember staying over at my Dad's house for the weekends and we would go eat pizza at Pizza Hut. Then my Dad would take us to the video store and I would always rent Desperately Seeking Susan and then I would go to my room and read the latest Bop or Big Bopper Magazine and talk on my Swatch phone. Then I would spend hrs putting on red lipstick and spraying Baby Soft perfume all over me. Those were the BEST Friday nights EVER...... and now here I am 33 yrs old and blogging on a Friday night! How time has changed :)

I would spend hours in the mirror trying to get the perfect red lips like Madonna ...
oh to be young again :)

So Be It


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