Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Creatures in a Jar

If you know me well or if you follow my blog then you know I have an obsession for  dead creatures. I don't know why but it started about 6 months ago as I stumbled onto a website called The Evolution Store. I really want to expand my collection of dead creatures soon ..... the ones that I have my eyes on at this moment are the ones in jars. Go figure !!!! I posted on a blog 2 weeks ago about my current creatures CLICK HERE to view.

My current creatures that I own are

  •  bat in resin
  •  octopus in resin
  •  taxidermy fish
  • seahorse in a jar
  • old turtle shell .... very old!

Here are the 3 new creatures I want ......

Lizard in a jar

Squid in a jar

Shark in a jar

I adore them :)


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