Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Heart Japan

This week I have been really showing my support for Japan. I donated money to the Red Cross and bought  a Hello Kitty tote bag that donates the proceeds to Japan Relief Fund. I love their Harajuku style and everything they do from fashion to food ...... and even Anime :) Here are a few items that I have purchased this week in behalf of my love for Japan.
My Hello Kitty Tote $10.00
Eden Of The East $30.00 DVD
Gwen's Baby perfume reminds me of Loves Baby Soft from the 1980's
$20.00 on
I just bought this perfume at Ulta for $20.00
celebrating 50 yrs of Sanrio and it smells like yummy fruit gum :)

I also bought this HOT PINK nail polish from POP for $14.00 it reminds me of the Harajuku girls bright outfits!
My rocking horse shoes from Japan
that I bought from Ebay for $70.00
and I LOVE them SO MUCH


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