Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Help I'm addicted to perfume!

I am addicted to buying perfumes ... rather it be body washes or oils. I spend so much money on things that smell yummy. But the strange thing is... I can't really wear any perfume due to my migraine headaches. It just makes me feel happy knowing I have a lot of varieties of perfumes :)

1. Winter Kitty oil
2. Breathe of God (LUSH)
3.Karma solid perfume (LUSH)
4.Cucumber oil (Kiehl's)
5.Baby perfume (Harajuku Lover)
6.Patchouli oil (Aveda)
7.  Tom Ford Private collection samples 
*purple patchouli (Tom Ford)
*Japan Noir (Tom Ford)
* Amber Absolute (Tom Ford)
8.Strawberry oil (The Body Shop)
9.sandlewood oil (The Body Shop)
10.Patchouli oil (The Body Shop)
11. Hello Kitty perfume (Demeter)
12. Sanrio perfume (Demeter)

1. Vivienne Westwood Boudoir
2. Amber perfume (Loccitane)
3. Nanette Lepore perfume
4. Betsey Johnson's Original perfume
5. Black Orchid (Tom Ford)
6.White Patchouli (Tom Ford)
7. Black Orchid Voile De Fleur (Tom Ford)
8. Tom Ford for men perfume 
9. Sui Dreams (Anna Sui)
10. Anna Sui Original Perfume
11. Dolly Girl (Anna Sui)
12. Dolly Girl Ooh La Love (Anna Sui)
13. Dolly Girl Bonjour (Anna Sui)
14. Dolly Girl On The Beach (Anna Sui)
15. Dolly Girl Lil' Starlet (Anna Sui)

This is just a taste of what I have in my bedroom ..... I have tons more in my bathroom :/
Do you think I have an addiction?


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