Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Art Supply Shopping

Yesterday Keanu and I went art supply shopping at Michael's ... I normally shop at Texas Art Supply, but I am on a budget.Whats great about Michael's store is that you get amazing coupon deals and great prices.I will take you on a tour of what I typically buy when I make a quick trip for art supplies.

First thing I do is take my little helper Keanu ..... he loves going to the art store and later on you will find out why!

I go for the cheap paint brushes but they are my favorite
and they last a long time #8 and #10 are a must $2.99 each

Acrylic paints I normally use these two brands

On my way I pick up Gold Leaf that is a must in all my paintings
It's my MAGIC :)

In my basket I have a lot of bead glue and beads
thats another secrect to my paintings...
I use a lot of vintage beads and stones or it would'nt be a JAR painting!

GLITTER ... now I recommend the expensive glitter at Texas Art Supply but Martha Stewert has a variety of great inexpensive glitter too
I use glitter on my paintings all the time it's my trademark :)

Flowers ....  I needed flowers for a painting I am finishing today

Feathers .... well I love feathers for other art projects

Markers .... A MUST on my shopping list

and the reason Keanu tags along is for ..... What else but GOODIES :)

I bought him a drawing book of Anime ... I wanted it too :)

and of course a TOY .... and candy I love my Keanu!!

well that is just some of my art supply shopping
I hope you enjoyed ... this is just a day in the life of JAR


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