Monday, April 11, 2011

Exciting Things in Store for My Blog ....ASAP

Today I have been writing down a list of things to spiffy up my blog. I hope you like what is in store .... PLEASE feel free to give me suggestions. What would you like to see more of on my blog and what could you live without? Here is my list for the month of April :)

  1. In My Closet Blog ( see whats lurking in my very own closet)
  2. Art By JAR contest giveaway (free art mug and buttons and a free 8x10 painting)
  3. Vintage shopping blog ( in search of fabulous thrift finds in the area)
  4. Interview interesting people and dedicate a entire post to them
  5. Outfit a Day ( see what I wear on a day to day basis)
Please give me your suggestions
Thanks JAR


  1. well definitely your vintage finds and probably outfit a day! you have so much treasures!! might as well show what you're wearing! how's that!