Monday, April 25, 2011

My New Obsession = Moonchild Princess and Elena

Do you remember the movie Neverending Story? Well I love that movie and every time I would watch it I wanted to be the Moonchild princess... She was so beautiful to me.She inspired the look of my nails this week.I also came across this fashion designer Elena Kanagy-Loux on the Internet,and she has to be the coolest lady EVER! She is also my new obsession fashion wise for this week with all her vintage slips and Japanese clothes.

Moonchild Princess

Moonchild Princess inspired these 3 nail colors for me this week
  1. Chanel AZUR ( translucent blue with glitter color,for my fingernails )
  2. Chanel GOLD FRICTION ( base coat for my toes)
  3. China Glaze MEDALLION (gold glitter for top coat on toes)

The photo doesn't capture the true color of the blue ... and I don't like to take pics of my feet :)

Elena Kanagy-Loux

She is my fashion inspiration this week .... Elena lived in Japan and now she lives in the States with her unique vintage/Harajuku style. click here to check her out on video ... LOVE !!!!

If only I could shop her closet :)

Her socks are from Japan = LOVE!!!

Here are some of the stores she shops at in Japan

Thanks for looking .... what are your obsessions this week?


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