Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainbow Lips and Unicorns

Today I purchased 4 tubes of lipstick from Lime Crime ..... They are amazing and I can't wait to receive them in the mail.I bought 4 colors.....

  1. Mint To Be - Green
  2. Airborne Unicorn- light purple
  3. Centrifushia- bright pink
  4. No She Didn't- Blue

and all her lipstick tubes are purple with a holographic unicorn :)
All her make-up reminds me of candy and rainbow brite ..... It makes me feel so HAPPY!
Lets meet the designer of Limecrime her name is Doe Deere and she is wonderful!!!

She is as colorful as her lipsticks :)
Now lets go visit her house.....




So wonderful!!! You can check out Doe Deere's blog Here
I will buy all her make-up ASAP I just need more cash$$$$

When I receive my lipsticks I will take pics and blog them.

Till then 


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