Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One over stuffed dresser = WOW that's where that went!!!

Today I had one last thing to do before I started painting ... the dreadful dresser that I despise ...BLAH! I went to move it and the back of it combusted ... oh well I wanted to get rid of it and now here is my chance! As I was cleaning the contents of the dresser out I was floored with all the stuff I had collected over the years... every time I went to a thrift store I stocked up on belts, and BELTS I have... I had to throw most of them away!!! I even found.. well let me show you....... First of all I was watching Pretty In Pink all day
I LOVE this room in the movie.. I want a room like that!
Okay here is the dresser that I loathe ... first off I decoupaged Andy Warhol prints to the dresser and ruined it!

Here are the belts
WHAT ... I can not believe the madness of all these belts

and look I found all of my American Apparel leggings ... wow I thought I had lost them!

And my American Apparel headbands and I had forgotten about those gloves... and now winter is long gone :(

All my hair pieces
Yes I do wear extensions but only clip ins ... when needed :)
I just do not have red ones at the moment

And I found all my missing sun glasses and my Chanel and Marc Jacobs sun glasses .... WHOO HOO!!!!

LOOK .... I have all these prescription eye glasses that I need to be wearing and I never wear them
and I wonder why I get bad headaches

Then I found all my Betsey Johnson perfume and Betsey jewelery :)
I really had thought I lost most of this crap

Yippie now I found all of my RAD belts
now lets see if they fit .... for real!!!

and I saved the best for last
way down under all the mess I found my old VHS tapes and cassette tapes
and I found my GLEAMING THE CUBE movie
and my very first SMITHS tape
and The Cure's VHS tape
and now I feel really old right now!

I am looking forward to tomorrow night
my friend Olive and I are gonna go listen to DANdYER play at THE CHELSEA WINE BAR in seabrook ... he is AMAZING we had seen him a month ago
he sounds and looks like DEVENDRA BANHART .... HOT!!!

I LOVE my Olive

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