Monday, April 12, 2010


Thanks to everyone that helped me make a decision on what color I should paint my room ..... I have been so indecisive about it the whole day and it was driving me nuts!! I have been really sick these past few days and I got this dramatic urge to strip my room down and change the color... I don't know I just need a change in my life... dying my hair red didn't do the trick so I am changing my room :) I have had it hot pink and red since I was 22 yrs old and at the age of 32 I am TIRED of it... YUCK!! Tonight I watched my fave movie again for the hundredth time now .... I love this movie!!!
So I decided on SEA GLASS GREEN by Martha Stewart :)

This is what my wall looks like right now ... it's hard to tell against the pink ...DUH!!

Then I went to remove my mattresses and it was a complete mess ....

LOOK .... I had stuff that I forgot I even had lurking under my bed ... even a pull up diaper from what 4 yrs ago .... GEEZ
KEANU"S diaper ... not mine if you were wondering LOL :)

I had found this RAD owl candle for .69 cents today at a thrift store :)

and I found this in the rubble of crap under my bed today so all night I have been list making for self discovery therapy .... which is not a good idea at this time of night!!! I am a MESS :)

and poor Keanu I have no bed right now so he fell asleep on this old nasty couch I took home from Urban Outfitters a long time ago .... he is soooooo sweet!!!!

Right now I am about to watch this movie and try to go to sleep...
my mind will not turn off
any hoo .... GOODNIGHT JAR

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  1. Oh hells yeah, sea glass green! 'Glass' sounds way more martha-thuglife than boring old FOAM!!!