Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My New Room Before and After Part 1

This is part 1 of my before and after because I still need a dresser and I need the bed spread I had ordered and I am not done decorating but you can get the idea of what it's looking like.... it's been hell from painting it to finishing it all while I am deathly sick and tired but take a look :) So take a look at the pillow cases in this pic ... I LOVED them I had them from 1988-1994 and then I lost them
so I had a dream about them one night and I decided to decorate and redo my room based from these old pillow cases....
well last week i was at Goodwill and guess what I found and I thought it was too strange
I found the sheets
what are the chances of that ... FREAKY!!!
My dream came true too bad they didn't have the matching pillow cases :(

so this is my room before
you can read MY ROOM blog to see all the pics

So I picked out Martha Stewart paint color

This is my room after I finished painting it ... my room is really small

and this is the after :)
I put a bigger mattress in my room so that took up most of my room and the theme I was going for is Flea Market Vintage/the pillow cases I had from 1988

This is my bed spread I had ordered from Urban outfitters
i am still waiting on it :)

I might buy these from Urban to hide my closet now that I took the old closet doors off

and Tomorrow I am purchasing this macrame owl to hang on my wall from

I found this old lamp shade at a resale shop last week for $2.00
I LOVE it!!!
and my step dads old vintage side table that he bought in India :)

This mirror came out of my bathroom
we were gonna get rid of it .. but it looked great in my new room :)

I don't have any book shelves so I used a vintage folding table and a vintage suitcase to put all of my books on!

my Russian Doll pillows from Urban Outfitters
I put them in an old woven bag that I bought for a $1.00 at a resale shop

all my purses ... too many!!!

This is a vintage over sized carpet bag from the 1970's
I put all my magazines in it!

it's a great storage bag :)

I used a lot of old rugs to cover my horrible carpet
next year I am gonna add hard wood floors

This is why I might need the curtains all you see is clothes

this is still in the works

I am waiting on my vintage dresser so I can put my TV onit and my XBOX

I finally got around to painting my nails today I have been so sick....
I am gonna try to catch up on my blogging for you guys especially the vintage shopping blogs ..I promise!

The color nail polish I used was ESSIE Resort Collection in Lapis of Luxury $8.00 at ULTA
Well GOODNIGHT and I hope you enjoyed my new room!!! JAR


  1. Thanks ..I am still working on it ... I decided not to add black paint but I like it!