Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Hate Going To The Doctor

This week I was at the doctor's office twice and I will do ANYTHING not to go unless I am in dire need of help!!! Well I am a hypochondriac and that didn't make matters any better.... esp. standing in line waiting to sign in and every one in line is coughing and sneezing or they look as if they had just walked out of their caskets :( NOT GOOD!!!! and the waiting room old people dying in there wheel chairs and then you have the grumpy people complaining about their health insurance.. and all the while I am talking to myself in my head and trying not to have a massive panic attack!!! and then finally 45 minutes later they call out JENNIFER RIVAS ... but the nightmare is just beginning!!! Not only do they weigh you and you just want to die when they tell you how much you weigh ... but being 32 yrs old after they check my blood pressure I am freaking out that I have High blood pressure (it runs in my family) but I am fine :)
any ways I refuse to sit on the nasty bed table yuck.. so I sit in the chair and my anxiety begins WHAT IF thinking kicks in!!!

Then I start to look around the room and look at all the gross stuff that I can find ... if Keanu were with me we would play I SPY GROSS MEDICAL STUFF ...LOL

Then my eyes focus in on the scary medical posters in the room .... WHY do they torture us as we are sitting there waiting for the doctor because now I start to panic after reading these posters that I may have something seriously wrong with me!!!

but then my attention is drawn towards the cute artwork hanging on the wall in this nasty room and then I start to calm down and then .... the doctor walks through the door..... UGH!!!!

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