Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Kinda Shoes are You Wearing?

So ladies the first thing we look at on a guy is .... WHAT KINDA SHOES THEY ARE WEARING!!!! Right :) If they are wearing socks with flip flops we never will talk to that guy ever again... just telling it like we see it! Well I ran across this link and found pictures of famous peoples shoes and it inspired me to write this blog! Oh how I adore my Vincent Gallo ... I love a man that can sport a great pair of heels :) maybe it is just a fetish of mine ... who knows!

The one and only Jarvis Cocker or better yet the ex lead singer of PULP :)Jarvis always has such amazing style and his shoes are really cool almost like old bowling shoes!

Devendra Banhart ... you would figure that he just runs around bare foot but ......

Devendra has really eclectic taste when it comes to his shoes :)

Albert Hammond Jr.

I dig all black boots or dress shoes on a guy!


Now these guys are just flat out HOT .... who can resist a guy in a pair of worn out chucks... unless they make his feet smell horrendous when they take their chucks off in which case is not so hot :)

They are and will always be my number one choice on a guy!!!!

And once again Vincent Gallo
a man in a pair of Vintage boots will always get my attention and I don't mean cow tipping boots or bubba boots that is just flat out redneck manifesto!

Sean Lennon ... OK so I had to add him because he does have great style and he is always so dapper looking!

The next the I must blog about is the MULLET!!!

So be it .... JAR!

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